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The Services I offer:

    If you are in need of a web developer, web designer or graphic designer who is experienced and absolutely loves what she does and is affordable --> You have found your Gal!

With over a decade of experience in web design, web development, Linux server administration and graphic design, I offer my expertise to those whom require attention to detail, focus, strong work ethics and the ability to meet deadlines.

I hold a strong passion for each design I create from scratch, as well as the underling code written to bring about the user experience.   My years of creating business websites and my intimate understanding of how users prefer to interact within sites works hand in hand throughout the process of building the website.

I work by the hour or within a project time-frame.   It is best to contact me to discuss your needs and to see if I am available to fulfill your requirements.


Unique & Custom Websites that engage your users and have them coming back.

To have success online it is imperative that the website be successfully designed to meet the needs and goals of the business and its users.   From the business logo, to the website layout, graphical elements, menu system, e-commerce shopping cart, as well as the administrative and user areas, a completed website requires a professional to deliver all aspects that truly make an overall engaging website.  By harnessing my experience, I can offer you all these services and much more.

Experience and latest standards

With my years of experience, I will offer you the professionalism you require and utilize the latest in technologies to achieve that goal.   A website that works across all modern browsers, brings enhanced user experience and a unique custom design that achieves your business focus.

Proven Best Practices:

Custom web design by a Graphic/Web Designer
Write clean code using the latest in standards
Maintain focus and user experience when designing.
Cross-browser compatibility
Easy navigation